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International Centre for Distance Education in Vedas (I.C.D.E.V)

The aim of Veda-Sansthan is to propagate Vedas. The Sansthan is determined to achieve this by providing study material at home. It is setting up an international centre for this purpose. It will endeavour to present Vedas in an easy and simple way related to present problems. The following Certificate and Diploma courses are to be started soon –

 Short-term Courses – (Vedas, Veda as science, Vedic jyotish, Vedic environment (Paryavarana), Vedic Mantra-Chikitsa and Vedic Vastu-Shastra etc.)

         (1)  One year P.G. Diploma course in Vedas (P.G.D.V.I)

         (2) One year Advanced P.G. Diploma course in Vedas (P.G.D.V.II)

         (3) Certificate course in old Vedic-materials.

         (4) Courses of ancient Indian languages (Sanskrit, Pali, Prakrit, Apbhramsh)

         (5) Courses will be made available online (Internet).

Each certificate course will consist of two Papers. One Paper will cover 16 lessons (Certificate/Diploma). It will be a distance Education Programme. Contact Programme will also be arranged for the learners. Students will choose the medium of instruction: English/Hindi.

Recognition of the Courses – Vedas are the great ancient cultural heritage of mankind which propagates the doctrine of 'universal brotherhood'. Vedas are not only the most ancient scriptures available but are also a treasure house of the revelations of mankind's great, realised souls that have been offering solutions to the riddles, perplexities and curiosities of various aspects of life through all ages. The need is to study and teach them.

Vedas will be within reach of every human being through internet and postal services. Learners will be awarded with a Certificate/Diploma after the completion of the Course.

Endeavour will be to affiliate them with Open Universities.

Utility of the Courses –

The above-mentioned Courses will benefit the following people–

(a) For non-Sanskrit-speaking students, Certificate Course will be useful in providing first hand knowledge of Vedas.

(b) For the people who want to adopt it as a profession, Certificate Courses will be useful related to particular area of Vedas.

(c) For the Sanskrit-knowing people, who want indepth study of Vedas, Diploma Courses will be useful. They will be awarded degree in Vedas.

(d) To become certified purohitas these Courses will be useful –

(1) To become more efficient purohitas, Diploma I will be more useful.

(2) To become purohitas, Diploma I is recommended.

(3) Diploma I and II are recommended for all the purohitas to achieve perfection in their work.

Financial aspect – Three years are needed to make this centre independent. The expenditure will be as follows –

(1) Initial expenditure                         – 7.15 lakhs

(2) Concurrent expenditutre              – 13.54 Lakhs

(3) Recurring amount                         – 4.36 Lakhs

(4) To pay                                             – 16.33 Lakhs

Approximately Rs. 1,00,000 have been spent on this. As more assistance will be received, courses will be made available soon.


Courses to be started soon

Following Distance Education programmes will be started soon-

(1) Certificate Course of six months on Vedas.

(2) Certificate Course of six months on Vedic Mantra-Chikitsa.

(3) Certificate Course of six months on Vedic paryavarana.

(4) Diploma I of one year on Vedic Vanmaya. Six months Certificate Courses on Sanskrit, Pali and Vedic Jyotish to be prepared soon.

Details of the Courses

100 verses have been selected from all the four Vedas in Certificate Courses. They are mostly from the mandalas of Rg-veda and from the collections of the main Rishis. Verses or kandika have been selected from the Chapters of Yajur-veda or from the kandas of Atharva-veda. Some such verses from Samaveda have been selected which are not found in Rgveda. Some are choosen from Kanva-Yajur-veda, Krishna Yajur-veda Samhita and Peppalada. Atharva-veda.

Diploma Courses will consist of following topics

Diploma I - First paper - Elements of Vedic Sanskriti and Sabhyata.

Second paper - Itivritta of Vedic-Sahitya

Third paper - Vedic Vanmaya I - An Introduction of Rg-veda with some selected verses for study.

Fourth paper - Vedic Vanmaya II - Introduction of Yajur, Sama and Atharva Vedas with some description.

Diploma II - First paper - Yajur-vediya Brahman, Aaranyakas, Upanishads.

Second paper - Itara-vediya Brahmans, Aaranyakas, Upanishads.

Third paper - Vedanga and Purv-mimansa

Fourth paper - Indepth study of a seer's verses (like, Madhuchandah)

Applications are invited for registration in the above-mentuned Courses and Prospectus of the Centre.



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